Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Workshop on Gender ,Primary Health Issues on women, Rights and Protection ensured by the law for Women. 
Provide a basic knowledge on Primary health
Create an awareness regarding Women’s rights and protection ensured by the law for women

15 women from

12th August ,2011

The workshop commenced with an ice breaker by Mr.Costa followed the the input by Mrs.Geetha on Gender equality.

Mr. Herman quizzed the group on the impotance of a workshop of this nature and how they are going to work in partnership with NAFSO in future.

13th August ,2011

Mr.Sirimal Pereis from the people’s heath forum who was one othe facilitators opened the 2nd day on the theme of Primary health , family planning and sexually contracted diseases.

Mrs.Dilani Manthrinayake attorney – at- law facilitated the 2nd session on the topic of women’s rights and how women’s protection is ensured by the law.

After this session an evaluation of the 2 days work carried out and with that the workshop was concluded.

Friday, August 12, 2011

''Villagers in the Jungle"

Village in Baticaloa district rising up again from the forest of valikakandi, after the war, with the help of volunteer service of NAFSO and other social services groups. Valikakandi village abandon by the villagers during the war, where 320 families lived together with harmony. After the end of conflicts, in 2009, the displaced villages asked for help from the NAFSO to resettle their old village, as the governmental authorities were asked them to resettle in old village to supply necessary support and develop infrastructure. One full week of free labor given by the volunteer groups, villagers were able to clear the 4km long road where covered by thick forest and area to build their temporary houses. The villages now live with some sort of freedom from weapons, but they have not received the expected full support from the government except 10 water motors to get water from wells, which have dried up due to low rain level in the area. After 2years of resettlement, still water supply canal have develop up to 2.5km only more than 50% remaining to complete. Whether villagers have enough agricultural lands, they have no enough water to supply plants even drinking water is scares. No hygiene facilities, electricity or way to earn money for survival. Human – Elephant conflict is imminent, no security to the 55 families live in the village now. These facts were gathered while NAFSO activists re visit the village on 9th and 10th of August, to review the progress and to find out the situation of the families settle down there. They conduct a program to aware them on food sovereignty, and submitted some dry food rations among families who have lost their breadwinners during the war, and also some local seeds to cultivate in their home gardens. Baticaloa district activists Mr. Shashikaran, Mrs. Lavena hasanthi, coordinator of women program, Mr. A.Jesudasan and Mr. Priyankara costa participated to the program.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Food sovereignty and War widows in Jaffna

A program was conducted in Urumpirai on 10th August 2011, with the objectives of aware people on food sovereignty and increase the concern on widowed women by the 3 decade long conflict.43 women participants were at the program who have lost their bread winners during the war. Displaced since 1990, in tents, and houses of relatives, without way to fulfill any basic requirements. No jobs or way to earn daily expenditure. Few women go for day labor and earn some amount of money to protect their children and parents. This information reviled during the visit to Urumpirai with the objectives of find out the present situation of the displaced, widowed women from the ended conflict three years ago. According to women who have lost their husbands, they are facing social discrimination as well as, it is impossible to avoid educational and nutrition issues of their children. Whether they have their lands in visible range, they are unable to access, land problems still to be solved are the main reason they are still in displaced. During the discussion, Mr. Herman Kumara convener of National Fisheries Solidarity, invite to all people who looking for permanent solution for their land ownership issues to join with network working for common goal in south. He added that “this issue is not confined to north, it is all over the country, and we have face together to get solution so we need to strong movement to strength the fight”. “We have aware the authorities of the government about the situation and our expectations, and also conducted some lobby work too, but still no answer from the officials, we are expecting to join with NASO and go forward to win our goals” added the participant. After the program afford a pack of dry food ration worth of 1000LKR to the participants. Mr. Impanayagam, coordinator of NAFSO in Jaffna, field activists from Mannar district and Anthony jesudasan coordinator of North and East were also participated to the program and agreed to strengthen the people to bring their fight forward with the assistance of south working groups on same objectives.



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