Wednesday, October 11, 2017


The CSO Collective on CEDAW SL organized a consultation on UN CEDAW Recommendations, March 2017. The importance of the gathering is that the working class women came together to discuss how the UN CEDAW Recommendations could make a reality to make a difference to the lives, livelihoods and enhance the human rights situation among women. While setting the objectives, Lavena Hasanthi, the women coordinator of NAFSO emphasis WHY we the CSO collective came together to prepare the CEDAW shadow report.

Nadeera Priyadarsani of Monlar Sri Lanka shared the process in which she emphasis HOW the CSO Collective bring the working class women and their organizations to work together and their efforts.
Sr. Noel Christine of Sramabimani and Kanthi Abeykoon of CSDF presented the contents of the CEDAW Recommendations emerged at UN last March.

The main aim of the consultation was that HOW the participants engage in their sectors to get implement their sectoral recommendations as well as the overall recommendations of the report.



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