Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Awareness program on Women and
Legal Protection

An awareness program on women and legal protection was held in the center of fisher cooperative in Batticalao on 5th of September 2012. There were more than 30 women participants  who came from Thumpalachcholei, Urugamam, Vellikakani, Kopaveli and Kithul in the program.
Mr. Selver kumar who is the coordinator of Batticaloa district made the welcome speech and  Miss. Lavina  Hasnthi who is the women coordinator of NAFSO explained the objective of the program.   As her, objective of this program was to get basic knowledge about Women and Legal Protection for selected women headed members in above mentioned five villages.
Miss. M. Mudira who is a lawyer of Batticaloa court played the resource person role.  She considered wider areas of the legal process which related women as well as specially single mothers whose husbands were lost, diapered and disabled because of the  civil war in the country.
Main areas of the discussion-
·       Women were educated about the procedure to access the court on legal matter
·       Basic understanding about the court in Baticaloa as well as court system in Sri Lanka
·       Category of the  problems and  relevant  courts
Ex- Divorce case, Land issues, Domestic violation
·       Legal process to get a birth certificate especially for the children who were not given birth certificates yet
·       Legal actions against the problems that women face in individual as well as village wise
Mr. Anthony Jesudasan who is one of the project coordinators of NAFSO intervened after the main part of the awareness program to discussion about different issues such as violation of women, women abuse and harassment against women.
Participants pointed out many issues that they are facing in their life. They requested to continue this program. They appreciated  NAFSO intervention on this mater as long turn process.



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