Friday, August 24, 2012

Expletory visit to displaced Muslim Widows

A program was organized to visit the existing situation of the internal displaced Muslim  widows who are living in temporally huts in Jaffna district on 18th of July 2012.  They were provided dry ration in the mean time of this visiting. 
  • Women were welcome and explained the objectives of the program by Sharmila
  • Lavina Hasanthi who is the women coordinator of National Fisheries Solidarity Movement explained about the organization of NAFSO as well as the programs which conduct among women headed families in 6 districts in the North and the East.
Identified issues through the program
  •  It had 3000 families and 2500 houses when the people left from the village in 1990
  • There were only 213 houses while they returned back to the village. Other houses have been destroyed because of the war.
  •  681 families have resettled   but there are 2110 families registered 
  • Registration of  75 families have been canceled by the divisional secretary
  • Rest of families has been living in Puttlam district. They do not wish to return to Jaffna because their properties including land and houses have been deprived. They are unable to live without basic facilities
  • There are only 4 lavatories for 600 families.
  • There are 60 widows in the area.
  •  “Samurdi”   subsidy are provided for  20 widows only
  •  Dry ration was provided to widows  one in each  for six months only after the war
  • Most of widows were not given basic facilities like land and houses
  •  The widows are living in the temporary huts yet. They are facing many difficulties specially when the rainy season.  Some live in the small cottages which were given by Muslim church.
  • They want to more than 1000 rupees to spend at least a day so they should work hard to earn money.
  • There are 10 families whose children are going to school yet.
  • Some of widows have involved making sweet and labour work as their income ways.
  • As their experience, there is a controversy between Tamil people and Muslim people and there is no confidence among them.

Future proposals-
1.       To organize a experience sharing program among two nations to change their protest
2.       To arrange a discussion with the divisional secretary on the issues people are facing handing over a letter
3.       To provide dry ration for widows

Visited villages-
  •  Velangei
  • Bassar Street
  • New Muwar Street
  •   Muwar Street

Participants for the program-
25 women in above villages
Lavina Hasanthi, women coordinator of NAFSO
Anthony Jesudasan, Coordinator of the North and East
N. Impamyayakam , Jaffna district coordinator


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