Monday, December 19, 2011

A program on “The dialog between Northern people and Southern people for freedom to nations and resettlement to displaced people ” which was pointed out the existing situation of displaced women headed families in Jaffna was conducted by the women section with the collaboration of people to people dialog on sustainable development program of National Fisheries Solidarity Movement in the agrarian collage of Marudanamadam jaffna on 11 of December 2011. The main objective of this program was to build up an united process for getting some action to solve this problem as southern civilians providing exact understanding for southern people such as civil organizations and other representatives who came from different areas in South on displaced widows due to the last war and other displaced people since 1990. About 45 widows in the North , some representatives from district fisheries solidarity in Jaffna, some civil organization’s representatives of Jaffna and some representatives from National Fisheries Solidarity Movement were participated to the program. The NAFSO group consisted of some civil organization’s members in south, some representatives in state sector and other members from various areas in south. Some problems which the displaced widows face such as social, economic, cultural and political problems were discussed and selected the committee to carry on the process furthermore in this program. Some especial presents were provided for all participants who came from Jaffna and the packs of dry ration also were provided for the widows on the women program in NAFSO at the end of the program. Not only that but also there was an especial lunch for all participants arranged on their own cultural method. At the same time, there was a program for the children. That was focused on building up the children’s mentality. Most hidden tenant of the children was able to come out through that program. Then, some children showed their colors on the stage. Finally, some school instruments were also provided to the children. Note- Full report on this program will be provided future.

Reported by Lavina Hasanthi & Anthony Jesudasan



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