Thursday, March 31, 2016

BThe National Fisher Women Federation celebrated women's day in Colombo today. "Let us contribute to establish a women's policy" was the theme selected to the event as women executive committee decided. 

The policy dialogue was launched with the campaign launched on 1st October 2015 symbolizing the protest against the child abuse of Seya Dewmini last year. NAFSO had launched a signature campaign which was targeted 10,000 signatures and the same was handed over to the women's minister.
The compiled proposals on women's policy which were collected from grass root women and women's groups among 13 districts were also handed over to the women's miniater. The socio, economic, cultural, legal, education, health and political are the main subjects we proposed in the policy document of women's federation. After receiving the policy document and the 10,000 signatures Chandrani Bandara, the women affairs minister said, "We know the issues of migrated women's families and the difficulties of the children. We are taking all possible efforts to reduce the number of women migrate to foreign 

Countries while providing employment opportunities locally." 
"We have approached many groups to seek possible support to this work, including UN WOMEN organization" added mrs. Bandara at the event.

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

"Let's empower ourselves to protect our rights"

Matara district women federation organised workshop on women violence,child abuse and drugs abuse. Mrs.H.K.I.Uthoala from Jandara police, Lowyer Mrs.Dammika Samarakon NGO,A.K.A.Chandrani women and child officr of DS Office,Priyankara costa and Lavina Hasanthi from NAFSO facilitated the program.More than 100 members participated the program.

District women committee meeting was conducted at Galle on 23 of February 2016. They were educated on CEDAW by Women coordinator Lavina Hasanthi

Baticaloa district women headed families federation meeting was conducted at Sarwodanagar church  on 19 of February. They prepared six month plan and shared responsibilities .



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Puntaleer - Women Committee Jaffna District at 2015.01.19

Petition hand over by nafso to batticaloa ds office

Handing over a petition on the issues of IDPs and women headed families in Ampara

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