Friday, December 14, 2012

Women convention in Tricomalee

 National Fisheries Solidarity Movement working with IDPS and women that heading the family, for several years in North and East.  During the period we identified that there are large number of women have been lost their husbands due to the war , natural disasters, disappearances and accidents in trincomalee district. Among them, war and disappearance of husbands have caused the major reason for the women to become family head.

In this situation, we planned to conduct a women convention  to make a real annotation on the issue. As first stage we conduct a Parallel survey in ten villages of Trincomalee district where NAFSO working with for several years.

 We prepared a report on that survey and submitted it to the political authorities, social activists, government sector and general public.

 We conducted the women convention with around 180 family headed women under the theme of “Empower the Family Headed Women and Protect the Right to Live” with several objectives in Center of  Municipal council on 11th of December 2012 in Trincomalee.

 Among our objectives, 

1.  Socialize the widows who were neglected  by the society through organizing as well.  2. Make a relationship between the  government sector and the women headed families  for develop proper measures to strengthen them economically.  3. Help them to acquire Social recognition with strength that living as people who have no rights and privileges. 4.  Strengthen them to act independently in the society by eliminating the narrow ideas of the society on the women who lost their partner and defeat the cultural barriers for them. 5. Develop them socially and economically by help them to win rights enjoyed by the common society.

 Social activists, representatives from civil organizations, representatives of political parties, governmental officers and women headed families participated to the convention in the Town and Gravest division in Trincomalee district. 

Chairman of municipal council in Trinconalee participated as the chief guest of the convention  and former chairman of the local government was there in the front , Mr. D.V. Chinthaka Vijevardana, coordinating secretary of the deputy fisheries minister, Mr. Sachchidanandan, advisor of the NGO forum were among the speakers of the program.

Mr. Sumith Nishantha, Director of planning in ministry of education in western province made the main speech on the theme of “the plans of the government to enhance the life condition of the women headed families” as the invited speaker.  Mr. Herman Kumara made a speech as the national convener of NAFSO in the convention.

women coordinator and some officials of National Fisheries Solidarity Movement, Mr. Anannda Peris, Coordinator of District Fisheries Solidarity and A.M. Raheem Nana, Animator of that organization participated to the convention.   Some Media come form regional level as well as even Colombo gave media coverage as well. 


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Awareness program on Women and
Legal Protection

An awareness program on women and legal protection was held in the center of fisher cooperative in Batticalao on 5th of September 2012. There were more than 30 women participants  who came from Thumpalachcholei, Urugamam, Vellikakani, Kopaveli and Kithul in the program.
Mr. Selver kumar who is the coordinator of Batticaloa district made the welcome speech and  Miss. Lavina  Hasnthi who is the women coordinator of NAFSO explained the objective of the program.   As her, objective of this program was to get basic knowledge about Women and Legal Protection for selected women headed members in above mentioned five villages.
Miss. M. Mudira who is a lawyer of Batticaloa court played the resource person role.  She considered wider areas of the legal process which related women as well as specially single mothers whose husbands were lost, diapered and disabled because of the  civil war in the country.
Main areas of the discussion-
·       Women were educated about the procedure to access the court on legal matter
·       Basic understanding about the court in Baticaloa as well as court system in Sri Lanka
·       Category of the  problems and  relevant  courts
Ex- Divorce case, Land issues, Domestic violation
·       Legal process to get a birth certificate especially for the children who were not given birth certificates yet
·       Legal actions against the problems that women face in individual as well as village wise
Mr. Anthony Jesudasan who is one of the project coordinators of NAFSO intervened after the main part of the awareness program to discussion about different issues such as violation of women, women abuse and harassment against women.
Participants pointed out many issues that they are facing in their life. They requested to continue this program. They appreciated  NAFSO intervention on this mater as long turn process.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Discussion with widows

Meetings were held to discuss with the basic problems such as houses, drinking water, sanitary facilities, education as well as income ways of women whose husbands were lost, disappeared and disabled because of the civil war in the country in 20/21 August 2012. 
We met the women headed groups in ten villages in Trincomalee district in which National Fisheries Solidarity Movement is working on different projects. 

So, we have planed to arrange one day mobile service convening  all responsible government authorities in the division  to find solutions for above issues. We educated the widows to participate organizing  the community as well for that. 

Friday, August 24, 2012

Story of Selavarani

Satyaseelan Selvarani is a widow living in the address of 6 mile post, Kappalthurei, China Bay Trincomalee. She is a mother of five. Selvarani is whiling away a poor life with the protection of her parents in the village. She has been living lonely since her husband was killed by unknown group on 1st of September 2006. She has to face many difficulties living with children without breadwinner of the family.
In the mean time, the police and the army group had informed to her that there were some hidden weapons under the ground in her house so, they wanted to excavate the ground to get them out. Then, they had excavated the land in the house using an excavator on 10th of July 2012. They had said that they had a court order to do that.
So, Selvarani had gone to the China Bay police to complain against that incident but the police did not accept the complain 20th of August 2012. The police had advised to repair the house getting support from NGOs. Selvarani had tried to concern this incident to relevant Divisional Secretary but the Divisional Secretary also did not accept this incident at all.
Unfortunately, rests of furniture even doors and windows in the house had been stolen by some persons after the forces excavated the house.
Our problem is that although the forces got an action like this expressing about security reasons, why is not Selvarani given any compensation. Why is not complain accepted by authorities? What will be happen their future and security of life?

Who responsible for this?
(This story was said by Selvarani when NAFSO met her on 22nd of August 2012 at Kappalthrei.)

Expletory visit to displaced Muslim Widows

A program was organized to visit the existing situation of the internal displaced Muslim  widows who are living in temporally huts in Jaffna district on 18th of July 2012.  They were provided dry ration in the mean time of this visiting. 
  • Women were welcome and explained the objectives of the program by Sharmila
  • Lavina Hasanthi who is the women coordinator of National Fisheries Solidarity Movement explained about the organization of NAFSO as well as the programs which conduct among women headed families in 6 districts in the North and the East.
Identified issues through the program
  •  It had 3000 families and 2500 houses when the people left from the village in 1990
  • There were only 213 houses while they returned back to the village. Other houses have been destroyed because of the war.
  •  681 families have resettled   but there are 2110 families registered 
  • Registration of  75 families have been canceled by the divisional secretary
  • Rest of families has been living in Puttlam district. They do not wish to return to Jaffna because their properties including land and houses have been deprived. They are unable to live without basic facilities
  • There are only 4 lavatories for 600 families.
  • There are 60 widows in the area.
  •  “Samurdi”   subsidy are provided for  20 widows only
  •  Dry ration was provided to widows  one in each  for six months only after the war
  • Most of widows were not given basic facilities like land and houses
  •  The widows are living in the temporary huts yet. They are facing many difficulties specially when the rainy season.  Some live in the small cottages which were given by Muslim church.
  • They want to more than 1000 rupees to spend at least a day so they should work hard to earn money.
  • There are 10 families whose children are going to school yet.
  • Some of widows have involved making sweet and labour work as their income ways.
  • As their experience, there is a controversy between Tamil people and Muslim people and there is no confidence among them.

Future proposals-
1.       To organize a experience sharing program among two nations to change their protest
2.       To arrange a discussion with the divisional secretary on the issues people are facing handing over a letter
3.       To provide dry ration for widows

Visited villages-
  •  Velangei
  • Bassar Street
  • New Muwar Street
  •   Muwar Street

Participants for the program-
25 women in above villages
Lavina Hasanthi, women coordinator of NAFSO
Anthony Jesudasan, Coordinator of the North and East
N. Impamyayakam , Jaffna district coordinator

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Packets of Dry ration were distributed for widows in Kithul and Kopaweli Villagers in Batticaloa District on 2012.06.30

The basic program to identify the children

 A basic program to identify the children among women headed families was conducted by the women section of National Fisheries Solidarity Movement because they have planned to implement a program for the selected children on 

child development at the community centre of Kopavali, Betticaloa on 7th of August 2012. About 20 children up to 12 form 5 years who came from Velikakandi, Urugamam and Kopaveli participated to the program. Every child is a member of women headed families. All three villages are located in Chenkaladdy divisional secretary division where NAFSO implements programs. 
The children had an excellent opportunity to show their colors presenting skill of sing, draw arts and other abilities. That was a pleasure movement through the worse lives of them because of not having their fathers.   The children were advised to correct their abilities on singing and drawing.
Anthony Jesudasan who is a program coordinator of NAFSO played as the resource person and Lavina Hasanthi who is the program coordinator of women section also  participated to the program. She explained about future of the program. P. Selverkumar who is the coordinator of Betticaloa district and some community leaders also have participated to the program.  

Chief Minister of Eastern Province visited to Velikakandi in Beticaloa

National Fisheries Solidarity Movement (NAFSO) has been working with the people of Velikakandi, Kopaveli, Kithul, Thumpalachcholei, and Urukamam in Chenkaladi division of Beticaloa district for a long time. NAFSO intervenes to ensure the rights of internal displaced people (IDP) providing also assistance for them. NAFSO has especially involved to the problems of widows living in above areas.

 A petition about the existing situation and the problems that people are facing was handed over the Chief Minister of Eastern province by NAFSO with the involvement of people on 15 of May 2012. We discussed with the chief minister on the petition. The Chief Minister was considered the problems of houses, lavatories, drinking water and electricity facilities as major issues of the people.
The Chief Minister agreed to solve those problems giving priorities for them. As a result of that discussion, the Chief Minister visited to Velikakandi to observe the existing situation of people. The people of Velikakandi expressed their problems to the Chief Minister stably. The people requested form the Chief Minister to solve their major problems and issues related to their occupations considering peoples’ daily routines.   Expressing Mr. Jesudasan who is a representative of NAFSO  also requested from the Chief Minister to solve the problems of people who are living as internal displace people. He considered that there are many people who were resulted but they are living without any basic facilities. NAFSO implements some programs for helpless people, he motioned furthermore.

Intervening, the Chief Minister promised to provide solutions for all problems finding and directing those issues for the responsible officials. He believes that he is able to provide houses and lavatories through the project which is going to be implemented as a joint function between Sri Lanakan and Indian governments. He motioned that he would meet the people of Velikakandi again before his second visit he would like to build a fane and arrange the meeting in that.

The people of Velikakandi, IDPs in Kopaveli, relevant government officials, and some forces’ officials, Mr. Jesudasan who is the coordinator of North and East of NAFSO, Lavina Hasanthi - women coordinator of NAFSO and Priyankara Costa-coordinator of IDPs program participated to the occasion. 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Issues of War affected people in Baticaloa Directed to Eastern Chief Minister

National Fisheries Solidarity Movement work with war affected people in Baticaloa district for few years. Specially widowed women and resettled people are our concerns. We intervene through awareness raising on Social, Political and economical issues they face and also to develop livelihood activities.
As we are an organization that can not directly solve most of the community issues, we planned to meet Eastern province Chief minister and direct the issues to political authority. On 15th May 2012 we met the Mr Shiwanesathurei Chandrakhnthan, CM of Eastern province and handed over the community issues which were collected from five villages of Chenkaladi divisional secretariat division. It included the following villages Walicakandy, Kopavali,Thumpalachcholei, Kithul and Urukamam.

We gathered the issues from the villages to a form and rechecked with village leaders befor handover to CM. A petition signed by village heads were also enclosed with it.
For this event Mr. Anthony Jesudasan, (Overall coordinator of North and East Program of NAFSO) Mrs. Lavina Hasanthi (Coordinator of Women Program of NAFSO), A. Selvakumar (NAFSO voluntary activists  – Baticaloa district)   and Mr. Prashanthan (member of Baticaloa town council) were also partipated.
According to the peoples’ information of five villages following are the main issues they facing-
Number of families still live in Temporary hoses;- 584
Houses without toilet facilities;- 647
Widowed Women;- 184
Number of families have no proper water supply;- 780
Families without electricity;- 790
Number of families not included in “Samurdhi subsidies” scheme;- 250  

Chief Minister, Mr. S.Chandrakhanthan given his positive words on the raised issues. According to him,
Houses will be provided through the government housing scheme for these families and toilet facilities, electricity, Samurdhi issues will be solved as soon as possible.  
Specially Samurdhi will be provided soon, to families in Thumalacholei, who have no information on there husbands after the war.  

Read Tamil Mirror News Article



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