Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Providing exercise books for the helpless children

The program was held in the town hall on 16th of March 2013 in Mannar


Objectives of the program-

1.     Support to develop educational situation of the selected 50 children who are in the women headed families, as well as the displaced families which are facing economic difficulties in ten villages where National Fisheries Solidarity Movement works in Mannar district.

2.     To be concerned about the difficulties the children face specially the transportation problems to the responsible government officials on their schooling because of finding any solution for those issues.

Some religion, communal and government officials participated to the program.

·      Hor. Father Sebamale- Chair person of the citizen forum in Mannar

·      Hor. Father Ogastin- Murugankotte

·      Mr. Saaro ruban croos- President of the Citizen forum in Musali, Mannar

·      Mr. Frescis croos- Principle of the school in Silavathurei

·      Mr. J.Pradeepan Dabarera- Village officer of S.P. Potkeni

·      Mr. S. Sabayan- Member of local government

·      Mr. Lion Rruval- Educational Director

·      Hor. Mr. Jems –vise Mayor




Friday, March 15, 2013

Passive resistance  in front of the Kovil
at Jaffna

More than 1000 internal displaced people who are living yet in the welfare camps since 1990 organized a passive resistance form 9.00 am to 4.00pm in front of the Kovil on 15th of February 2013 . The main objective of that was to resettle the people who live in the welfare camps for years. People form the camps, representatives of Tamil Nation alliance, National Fisheries Solidarity Movement, People alliance of Western province,  Liberation front of Tamil people, New socialist party and other civil organization took part to the campaign.


Providing  resources for school children 

A ceremony was organized to provide instruments for school children who are living in selected six welfare camps as displaced people due to the war since 1990 on 3 th of March 2013 at the agrarian school in Maradanamadam, Jaffna.   

This ceremony was organized by the  Jaffna district fisher organization being leaded National Fisheries Solidarity Movement.

More than 600 children  as well as about 30 parents participated to the ceremony representing six camps such as Needavan, Sabapathi, Konatkulam, Pilleyar, kannagi and Selvepuram-.  Miss. Julias who is the chair person of the “ Punkalar” organization of women headed families played the main role of the ceremony.  Prof. V.P. Sivanadan in Jaffna university participated as the chief guest and Prof. Susei Anandan   ( geography section in the university of Jaffna) Hon. Father Jayakumar( former director of SEDEK ) Mr. S. Sukirthan( president of the local government in Tellippali, Walikamam North) Mr. T. Prakash( president of local government in Walikamam South) Mr. Siril Anthony Kusin  ( President of society of displaced people) Miss. S. Sahila ( President of “ Tharaka” society of women headed families) also participated to the ceremony.

Miss. Lavina Hasanthi who is the women coordinator of National fisheries Solidarity Movement explained the objectives of the program. According to her, support to develop the educational situation of the children of women headed families which are living in the six  welfare camps as well as three villages facing many economical difficulties  providing school instruments for them and the issues of the people who are living in the camps since 1990 are to be concerned for the government officials for resettling them were the mains objectives of the program.

Expressing the invitees, they said that the people who are living yet in the camps should be resettled soon. People are facing many difficulties. They have to move even  form the welfare camps because land owners have requested the people to release their land because welfare camps have been built in the privet properties. So, people are going to displace again.

Two children who participated to the program shared their experience as refuges in the camps explaining their existing situation of their life.  Finlay, school instruments provided to the children.   There was considerable media coverage for the ceremony. 




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