Thursday, May 30, 2013

New year festival with women headed families

A new year festival was organized by the women and IDP section of National Fisheries Solidarity Movement being participated the women headed families which were resulted after the war but living without basic facilities on the purpose of concerning to the government officials and politicians about the acrimonious experience the women headed families face as well as release their mental stress and build up the confident of them at the school playground of Kopai on 12th of May 2013.

National Fisheries Solidarity Movement concerns about the basic rights and economic development of them also. The women headed families form Urukamam, Kopai, Welikakandi, Thumpapachcholei, Kithul which are in Chenkalady division participated to the different events of the festival been built the temporary houses which are using to demonstrate the existing situation of their village  as well as their lives. The most important thing of the festival was that the women headed families who are living under the different afflictions having all responsibility of the family  because some husbands of them have died, disabled as well as disappeared due to the war had an excellent opportunity to be happy releasing  their stress airily. The women satisfied taking part to different events. At the end of the festival, women shared their experiences with the tear eyes. We were able to see that even aged mothers participated to the events with cheerfully. Finally all women were happy dancing.
On the other hand, we were able to see another positive fact that the women have used their temporary houses to demonstrate their affections and they expressed their situation when invitees observed the houses without any strange. In additionally, the women appreciated National Fisheries Solidarity Movement because of our appearance instant of them to develop the community strengthening their life condition when any other organization did not concern about them. They mentioned the Issues of houses, lavatories and drinking water as well as transportation problem on schooling their children, as their major problems.
The Divisional secretary of Chenkalladi, Mr. Mohan, member of municipal council, four village officers, presidents of Rural development committees and public of five villages including children, men and women participated to the occasion. This program was well organized by  Mr. Tharaka Selvaraj, district coordinator of Betticaloa district  and Subramaniyam, animator with the support of leaders in the groups. Antony Jesudasan, Lavina Hasanthi and Priyankara Costa who are the program coordinators participated to the festival representing the National Fisheries Solidarity Movement. Priyankara Costa played as a judge for the events. Asmeer who is the animator of district fisheries solidarity movement in Ampara also participated to the program. 





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